CD #6
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Song Lyrics

I was just a skinny kid barely nineteen
She was a beautiful woman, prettiest Iíd ever seen
Well our paths crossed by the grace of God
And I tipped my hat, and gave her a nod

You had angel eyes and a beautiful smile
You were gorgeous and funny, with a classy style
A dream come true to this young man
And before too long, I asked for your hand

Thinking back many years ago
When your eyes first met mine
I never dreamed our love would grow
Into one that would outlast time

A once in a lifetime love I found
A lady, a lover, an angel all around
A beautiful child from heaven above
My wife, my friend, my first and last love

We grew together, laughed and cried
We struggled to make it, barely getting by
After it all I have one thing to say
I love that woman, more every day

Looking back at life and the road I was on
Itís a wonder Iím alive and not long gone
Not a care in the world, I was wild and free
No thought for tomorrow, or where Iíd be

I took a few wrong turns along the way
And ended up in places I couldnít stay
I found all roads lead to some kind of end
And sometimes you canít come back again

Black and white had turned to gray
I found I owed more than I wanted to pay
With no direction and hope fading away
Through tear filled eyes, I began to pray

By the grace of God I took a right turn
And headed into the light, towards the Son
I passed a road sign not too far away
It said youíre heading down Hallelujah Highway

Glory bound and heading down
The road to forever to my new home town
Leaving the past behind me to stay
And traveling on Hallelujah Highway

Regrets and pain are now long gone
Iím on the narrow road and Iím moving on
I know my destination, come what may
Cause Iím heading down Hallelujah Highway

She wasnít looking for a long term affair
He was wild a free, without a care
Their paths crossed on the road of life
The beginning of forever as husband and wife

Weeks into months and months into years
Joy and pain along with laughter and tears
Best friends through better and worse
They learned to trust God as their source

Looking back they wouldnít change a thing
They would gladly do it all over again
She married her dream, he was her biggest fan
Sheís a one man woman, heís a one woman man

With a vow of forever the two became one
What God joined together couldnít be undone
No matter the storm, together they stand
This one man woman and this one woman man

In a hospital room, he was by her side
The love of his life, his beautiful bride
It wonít be long until they meet again
This one man woman and this one woman man

Sun up to sun down, another long day
Week by week, just making my way
One by one the years are taking their toll
Making this body feeble and old

Letting the world get the best of me
Smiling all the while, so they canít see
Fighting the good fight with all I am
Battered and bruised, I get up again

When the load seems a little too much
And I get weak, and angry and such
I hit my knees and look up and say
Lord I fell a little short today

One more time Lord Iím here on my knees
One more time can You help me please
Can You dip me in the river of forgiving grace
And give me the strength to finish this race

When the sun sets on my last day
Iím gonna lift my eyes to Him and say
Itís my last mile and Iím weak you see
One more time, can you carry me