Welcome To Redemption
Song Lyrics

Road to Salvation
I’m consumed by You, lost in Your love
As I lift praise to You, my God above
You fill my heart like the flow of the tide
How great is Your love, how deep, how wide

Inhabit my praise, Lord inhabit my praise
In surrender to You, my hands I raise
Worshipping You, seeking Your ways
Inhabit my praise, Lord inhabit my praise

According to Your Word in my praises You dwell
You wash over me, Living Water from the well
Removing my sin, my filth and shame
Lord inhabit my praise, in Jesus name

I’ll lift my praise as long as I live
To You my Lord, my life I give
As I bow to You on bended knee
Inhabit my praise, Lord inhabit me
Inhabit My Praise
Walking in the Way singing a song
Doing what’s right, not what’s wrong
Staying on course by the light of His Word
Walking in the Way, the Way of the Lord

Lift your voice, there’s a reason to shout
We can be sure that without doubt
There’s a heavenly home we can all afford
If we’re walking in the Way, the Way of the Lord

Walking in the Way, getting closer every day
Longing for the moment we will hear Him say
Job well done, you stood on my Word
And walked in the Way, the Way of the Lord

Sometimes His way is not the easy one
You may want to quit and turn and run
But stand your ground and remember His Word
“Joy comes in the morning”, trust in the Lord

Jesus was sent to walk a rocky road
To carry our sins, to bear the load
He did it for us and didn’t count the cost
He walked in the Way, the Way of the cross
Walking in the Way
Some say Jesus was just a man
Only a prophet revealing God’s plan
Others say a teacher with a new way
Others the Messiah, what do you say

Some say the bible is stories and fables
They question if there was a Cain and Able
The story of creation they just can’t conceive
Some say it’s His Word, what do you believe

What do you say, what do you say
I say He’s the Christ and I will sing
Of the one and only God, my Lord and King
What do you say, what do you say

Some say miracles are a thing of the past
They died with the apostles…they didn’t last
But I disagree, ”Give me proof you say”
I say take a look in the mirror today

Some say the world will never end
Nobody loses, nobody wins
But I say Jesus is coming back soon
Will you choose Him or eternal doom
What Do You Say
Precious Jesus Almighty King
My God, my friend My everything

Precious Jesus Almighty King
My God, my friend My everything

Here I am Here I am
Praising You Lord The One I adore
My arms open wide, inviting You inside
Here I am Here I am

Mold me, shape me; bend me, break me
Your Spirit I desire, God set me on fire
Here I am

The Alpha and Omega, beginning and End
Your blood flowed down, for my sin
In praise before You, I humbly stand
In surrender to You, Lord take my hand
Here I am

Here I am, Lord take my hand
Here I am
Here I Am
As a morning ray of sun shatters the night
The darkness that was is turned into light
Over the horizon the sun breaks through
His compassion and mercy are today brand new

As the winds rise and stir the waters
The mighty waves are born, one on another
Though the wind is not seen its’ power is known
So it is by His Spirit faith is grown

Fall on me, Spirit of God
Rise up like a wave, a mighty wave
Wash over me and cleanse my soul
Move in my heart, and make me whole
Fall on me Spirit of God

On that day in the upper room
His disciples were praying, and then soon
Suddenly from heaven came a sound like the wind
And the Spirit of God blew over them
Tongues like fire settled over all
And into each one, His Spirit did fall
Fall On Me
One of these days when our work is all done
We’re gonna raise some praise to the Heavenly Son
We’ll be singing and shouting giving glory to Him
Cause we’re free from the devil…death and sin

We’ll have a new body free of sickness and pain
And I believe the old will be young again
Running like they did when they were a child
Drinking living water….sweet and mild

We’re gonna raise some praise and shout to Him
Singing glory hallelujah to Jesus the Lamb
Death is out…eternal life is in
The battle is over for the born again

Forever bright as day….there’s gonna be no night
We’re gonna bask in Him….the Everlasting Light
Kneeling at His throne….bowing to Him
No more death……no more sin

He said “I’m the way…the truth and the life
And to be with Him….you gotta be born twice
The day of salvation is today
So be born again and raise some praise
Raise Some Praise
Night closes in on a desperate soul
In fear of tomorrow with nowhere to go
Too weak to cry, too broken to try
Hope is a memory and you’re asking why

As your cries are heard the angels assemble
The order is given and demons tremble
The battle is won and daybreak sings
Hope comes again on angel’s wings

Stand up and stand, stand up and stand
Lift your hands to the great I am
Cry out loud to the One who can
And when you’ve done all you can you’ve got to
Stand up and stand

The night may be long but the light will come
As our prayers rise up the battle is won
When you’re too weak to fight, just take His hand
And rise up in His strength and
Stand up and stand
Stand Up and Stand
About Me
The sun goes down on a dusty little town
Another day’s work is done
Mama’s in the kitchen in her cotton gown
Dad’s out back with his son

Mama’s sweet voice singing amazing grace
And her daughter joins in beside her
They talk about the day and what took place
About life and love and ever after

Suppers on the table and they all gather ‘round
And thank God for mercy, and blessings that abound
For family and freedom and the right to say
God bless America and small town USA

We are not ashamed of His name, we are not afraid to say
We are one nation under God, in small town USA
It is our right to shout it out
And they can’t take that away

As the lights go out one by one
In that dusty little one horse town
A child kneels down and begins to pray
God bless mom and dad, and grandma too, in small town USA

Small Town USA
Worn out jeans and a junk yard truck
Feeling sorry for myself, a little down on my luck
A three legged dog with a bad attitude
Got a letter from my ex that I’m getting sued

I’ve seen better days in my time
Back when a Coke was only a dime
A hard day’s work was enough to get by
And politics wasn’t one big lie

With a quarter tank of gas and 90 miles to go
Odds of making it are pretty low
A temporary job in another town
Lord I pray they don’t turn me down

As the sun goes down and I think back on
That little country church where I was born
I recall the words and I start to smile
Jesus is here even to the last mile

I can sing hallelujah when the road is rough
I can laugh even though the times are tough
I can smile through the tears of hard times
‘Cause I know with Jesus, I’ll be just fine

Worn out jeans and a junk yard truck
The change in my pocket don’t add up to a buck
A three legged dog sitting by my side
Thank God Jesus is along for the ride
Worn Out Jeans
Living my life, just a simple man
Making my way, the best I can
Trying to live by the Good Book’s ways
Trying to make the best of my days

Good times, bad times, they come and go
Mountain top highs, and valley bottom lows
As the sunlight fades at the end of the day
Lord I pray I did it Your way

Folks want to judge me as I fight this fight
Tell me where I was wrong, and where I was right
How can they know what I should do
Until they walk a mile in my shoes

You may think that I’m over the line
That I’m too far gone, out of time
Yea I’ll admit there’s a lot to refine
But me and Jesus are doing just fine

All I know is that where I am
Is a whole lot better than where I’ve been
I’ve done a lot wrong, but I’ve done some right

And with Jesus on my side, I’ll win this fight
Doing Just Fine
Running from myself down the wrong road
Tired of carrying around this heavy load
Waking up wondering where I’ve been
Looking in the mirror thinking not again

Searching for the answer in the next town
Just setting up myself for another let down
Not sure what it is that I’m wanting to find
But one thing I know, I’m running out of time

Around the next curve on the side of the road
Stood a big old sign with letters bright and bold
“Welcome to Redemption, We’re Glad You’re Here”
I stopped and stared through eyes filled with tears

Into the sunset at the end of the day
I turned down a street called “A Better Way”
I passed a little church with a big welcome sign
And thought to myself, maybe it’s time

Now I’m living in Redemption and settling down
On a street called forgiveness in a quiet little town
Thank God for the peace that I have found
In this place called Redemption, my new home town

Now I look back on the road I was on
And see it’s the one that took me home
To that sign I read, through eyes filled with tears
“Welcome to Redemption, Glad You’re Here”.
Welcome To Redemption
If you’ve never seen an angel, I know where one is
Just across the street is where she lives
With pixie dust eyes and a smile bright as day
God’s special blessing, Katelyn Rae

The first time I looked into those little eyes
I was won over, hooked and hog-tied
My life changed forever after that day
I had met an angel named Katelyn Rae

When she calls me PaPa I beam with pride
And hold her tiny hand as she walks by my side
She’s my best friend, the bright spot in my day
My piece of heaven, Katelyn Rae

There’s nothing quite like the love of a child
Sweet sugar kisses, bright sunny smiles
I thank God in heaven each and every day
For sending me an angel named Katelyn Rae

If you ever doubt there’s a Maker above
If you ever wonder about God’s love
If you think that miracles aren’t for today
Take a look at an angel named Katelyn Rae
Katelyn Rae