The Road to Salvation
Last Day Times
©2010 Duane Rod

What’s going on, what’s happening
Disaster and chaos seem the common thing
What’s the answer, the question’s on your mind
Some people say it’s the last day times

2000 years ago in Matthew 24
It was described what to look for
Wars and famine and moral decline
By these you’ll know it’s the last day times

Wake up sleeper, open your eyes
And see the truth before you die
It’s all coming down and falling in line
We’re living in the last day times

The devil will try to suck you into the lie (he’ll say)
Don’t worry, no need to hurry
But think about Noah, how they laughed at him
And God shut the ark, and the rains began
Painted Pictures
©2010 Duane Rod

Sunday morning in any town
Can we paint a face to hide the frown
We look in the mirror, can we do it again
Can we paint a face to hide our sin

Walking through the doors of the local church
Shaking hands and smiling, hiding the hurt
Pretty Sunday faces lined up in a row
Praying our real face doesn’t show

Painted pictures hanging on a wall
Is it really us they see at all
Are we just painting who we think we should be
Someone the world would like to see

Show us God, the other side
Of the painted pictures and what they hide
Through Your eyes help us see
What we need to set us free

As we confess the lies that hide
The picture of the pain and hurt inside
Create a picture, from up above
Christ in us, a picture of love
The Color of Him
©2010 Duane Rod

Can you imagine a color never seen
Bright like the sun, soft as a dream
A beauty our minds can’t comprehend
Can you imagine the color of Him

Can you imagine what the color would be
Of the joy of a sinner who’s been set free
A baby’s breath, a gentle summer wind
Can you imagine the color of Him

If we could see what color love would be
The kind our God has for you and me
The love that hung on a cross for sin
Then we would know the color of Him

The color of the love between a father and son
The color of a love that does not run
The color of the scent of flowers in spring
Can we describe the color of Him

The color of holy, majestic and just
Faith and power, never ending trust
These together with love blended in
Could this be the color of Him
Shout Out Loud
©2010 Duane Rod

Hey, hey hallelujah. Hey, hey hallelujah
Lift up hands to the holy God
Shout out praise, shout out praise
Hey, hey hallelujah, hey, hey hallelujah

Sing, sing He is worthy. Sing, sing He is worthy
Worthy of all glory and honor
Worthy of our life as a sacrifice
Sing, sing He is worthy. Sing, sing He is worthy

To You we bow, the King of Kings
It's You we praise, to You we sing
Precious Jesus, the living Word
Oh merciful God, oh glorious Lord

Through death on the cross You set us free
What greater sacrifice could there be
Than the life You gave for a man like me
I once was blind but now I see

Shout out loud. Shout out loud
He's coming back again, coming in the clouds
He's the Lamb of God and we can be proud to
Shout out loud. Shout out loud
Take Me Back Again
©2010 Duane Rod

When I've wandered into the night
When I've strayed and fallen away
Taken the wrong turn into the world
Help me turn, help me turn

Here I am, all alone
Falling fast, out of control
The tide is rising over my head
Take my hand, help me stand

Take me back again
Forgive my sin and then
Send Your rain, wash my stain
Take me back again

Falling on my knees, begging You please
Take me as I am
Dirty and ashamed crying out Your Name
Lift me up again

Out of the silence came a quiet voice
I never left, to turn was your choice
Son my love is forever to the end
Dry your tears and come back again
©2009 Duane Rod

Listening to the people talkin' bout tomorrow
Gotta get it done, beg, steal or borrow
How did we get here, where did it begin
How far will it go, where will it end

Remembering yesterday, wishing we were there
Those slow lazy times that are now so rare
No pagers or cell phones to steal our time
And somehow we managed to do just fine

Time, time is slipping away
Morning turns into yesterday
The suns' going down on tomorrow
No more time left to borrow

Today we can hold a computer in our hand
Stay up with news anywhere in the land
Keep up with the Jones, stay ahead of the man
Sometimes I wonder if this is satan's plan

Gadgets and things to take our time
So many ways to fill our mind
But we've left out one little thing
Time with our God, our Father, our King

He’s Coming Back Again
©2010 Duane Rod

On that day darkness covered the land
As there on a cross hung a beaten man
Then He cried out as He hung from the tree
“My God, My God, why have You forsaken Me”?

Beaten and bruised with thorns for a crown
His sacrificial blood flowed to the ground
As His last ounce of life slowly diminished
He yielded His Spirit and cried “It is finished”

The temple veil tore from top to bottom
The earth quaked, rocks split, and graves were opened
Those who had mocked Him and called Him a fraud
Cried out in fear “Surely this was the Son of God”!

Glory to the Lamb who hung on a tree
To Him who died for you, for me
He died in shame to take our sin
But one day in glory, He’s coming back again

One day will come and the earth will tremble
Nations will fall and cities will crumble
The Lamb that was slain on that fateful day
Will return in glory, and we will say…

©2011 Duane Rod

One by one, day by day
The earth spins around and time fades away
Distracted by the world, again we fail to see
The ones reaching out, for you and me

Their cry for help is silent but clear
Inside we know, but we choose not to hear
Our selfish desires cause us to justify
Letting one more soul slowly die

Open our ears to hear the cries
Of the searching souls that are passing by
Open our eyes to see their fears
Give us compassion to dry their tears
Open our hearts to feel their pain
And wash their wounds with healing rain

Caught up, selfish, too blind to see
Those in chains, begging to be free
With deaf ears and hearts of stone
We leave them behind, lost, alone

Far in the back of the grand local church
Stands a dying soul on a desperate search
Will someone take the time to turn and see
Will it be you, will it be me

©2011 Duane Rod

Morning breaks and a new day dawns
The earth sings praise with nature’s song
Darkness surrenders to birth of morning
Another revolution of eternity forming

On a breath of wind His Spirit rides
Blowing our cares and fears aside
We see His glory all around
Our spirits rise up and with praise we resound

There in the middle Your glory’s found
We shout with our voices, on our knees fall down
In storms and fear to You we call
Cause You’re there in the middle, the middle of it all

When storm clouds appear and darkness begins
We breathe in the Spirit that rides on the wind
In the power of our God, we stand tall
Cause He’s there in the middle, the middle of it all

SPIRIT ARISE ©2011 Duane Rod

Like a rolling wave, rising to a crest
Spirit rise up within my chest
Spill over me with a mighty roar
High like the eagle make me soar
Spirit arise, spirit arise

Like a bird, with broken wing
Mend me Lord, and I will sing
With lifted hands my praises will ring
To the Lord of Lords and King of Kings
Spirit arise, spirit arise

Spirit arise, arise in me
Heal me Lord, set me free
My hope renew, cleanse my sin
Spirit arise, arise again

Once in darkness, no hope in sight
Weak in sin and losing the fight
Then a quiet voice softly spoke to me
I’ve heard your cry, son you’re free
Let your spirit arise

A LITTLE BIT LIKE ©2011 Duane Rod

It was just another day like any other
I was doing my thing trying to make a dollar
Then a fellow walked up, said I been watchin’ you
You’re either mighty happy or off a bubble or two

He said I know you claim to be a Christian and all
I’ve watched you struggle and I’ve seen you fall
But through the years and all the highs and lows
You keep that smile, and on you go

So I been thinking that maybe it’s time
I ask you a question to settle my mind
Can you tell me about this God, this King
What is it like, this Jesus thing
I said well… let me try to explain

It’s a little bit like being forgiven
A little bit like good clean livin’
A dip in the creek on a hot summer day
The smell of spring and fresh cut hay
Like the arms of a father to a frightened child
Like the love of a mother, tender and mild
Like all your sins being erased
Because this Jesus, He took your place

He said friend many thanks, now I understand
The joy you have is because of this man
Who took your place and took your sin
It’s a little bit like being born again
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