Song Lyrics
© 2010 Duane Rod

Some say it all started with a big bang
The earth was by chance and evolution began
Cells into monkeys, monkeys into man
Think again my friend, think again

If apes evolved and developed into man
Then why do apes still roam the land
You say I just need to open my mind
Think again my friend, think again

We’re all searching for something in life
To fill the empty hole, the one in our soul
Do you really think this is all there is
Think again my friend, think again

Millions of people, yet none the same
Yet try to tell a sparrow, one from another
And you want me to believe it’s all by chance
Think again my friend, think again

What the world calls foolish can set them free
By faith you must believe in what you can’t see
You didn’t evolve from an amoeba strain
But from a wonderful God who knows you by name
© 2010 Duane Rod

Coffee in the morning, Bible in hand
A little bit of java while seeking His plan
Before the morning news or shave and shower
I’ll be in His Word for strength and power

To reveal the path and clear the fog

A quick prayer to say “get me through the day”
A kiss for my wife, a hug for my dog
Then it’s out the door, I’m on my way

Coffee with the King, in the morning first thing
Looking for His power in the early hour
Sweet fellowship with my best friend
Getting in the swing having coffee with the King

Dressed in the armor of Almighty God
Leaning into the wind, I will not fall
He comforts me with His staff and rod
No reason to worry, no reason at all

The people out there are looking at me
Thinking is he real or just a pharisee
But what they don’t know, what they don’t see
Is early this morning, I had coffee with the King
 © 2006, 2010 Duane Rod

There’s coming a day out of the eastern sky
He’s coming back to take us to our home up high
To sit and dine…the marriage supper of The Lamb
In the presence of our Father…the great I AM

The waiting will be over in the blink of an eye
It says it in His Word and God can’t lie
The dead in Christ will rise and the lost will stare
As those alive go next…to meet them in the air

There’s coming a day…yea it’s all gonna end
We’ll leave this place and go to be with Him
In the presence of God and His only Son
We finished the race…the battle’s over…we won

Life as we know it will cease to be
For a thousand years…peace we’ll see
The lion and the lamb will lay together
And we’ll reign with Jesus….our King forever

So be ready every day for His return
Sacrifice your life…and let it burn
And when others ask why…just smile and say
Cause I know in my heart…there’s coming a day
© 2006, 2010 Duane Rod

Take a look around….what do you see
Open your eyes to the lust and greed
Father leaving mother for a life of sin
Brother fighting brother….where will it end

The Bible said that it would be this way
Like in the days of Noah they laugh and play
But when time runs out…the final mold is cut
The flood waters rise….but the door is shut

Take a look around
Someone is lost…..waiting to be found
Open your eyes and see

It’s up to you…..it’s up to me

The harvest is ready….the fields are white
They stumble through darkness…looking for light
These are the last days….there’s not much time
He’s put His light in you….so let it shine

Not by power….no not by might
But by the Spirit of the Lord…stand up and fight
Jesus died on a cross so all could be saved
Now it’s up to us….to show them the way
© 2010 Duane Rod

Sometimes I wonder how it might be
If our child was here with you and me
Would she be a tomboy or wearing lace
Would I see you in her face

We just can’t help every now and then
To ask the question how it might have been
Would he be like me in every way
Would he crawl in my lap at the end of the day

Children in heaven, precious little ones
Gone too soon, oh so soon
Now cradled in the arms of the loving Father
Our little son, our little daughter
Children in heaven, precious little ones

We never saw their face or their smile
We never felt their touch or held their hands
Neither mama or daddy did they ever say
Your see they never saw the light of day

God we don’t understand, we don’t know why
Some will live and some have to die
Our hope remains in the words You say
We’ll all be together again one day
© 2010 Duane Rod

Thinking back on a long time ago
Starting this walk down the Christian road
Looking for someone to lead me along
To show me the difference from right and wrong

I read The Word, it seemed pretty clear
A simple message I had nothing to fear
If I layed it all down, and gave Him my heart
He’d give me new life, a brand new start

Trying to learn by looking at others
I set my eyes on my sisters and brothers
Here’s what I learned, please understand
And set your eyes on Jesus and not on man.

Don’t look at me, don’t look at me
I’ll only disillusion, and cause confusion
So if it’s Jesus, you’re wanting to see
Look up to God, but don’t look at me

Please don’t misunderstand what I say
I’ll be here for you along the way
If it’s perfection you’re wanting to see
Look at Jesus, but don’t look at me
© 2010 Duane Rod

The river is born and begins to flow
From high on a hill or a valley down low
Running for miles, wild and free
Determined to reach it’s final destiny

It meets many things along the way
Mile after mile, day after day

Wide slow bends flowing calm and slow
Then over the edge to the rocks below

The river is a mirror of a journey called life
The peaceful streams, the rapids of strife
Around the final bend over one last fall
Into the sea of heaven, our final call

Life is like the river, flowing downstream
Some times are calm, others cruel and mean
There’s rocks and rapids and steep waterfalls
Sometimes it seems to make no sense at all

But all rivers reach that one final end
Into the sea, around the last bend
But in the Good Book, He said if we believe
We’d flow into His arms, into the heavenly sea
© 2010 Duane Rod

The world revolves into another day
We question our purpose as we go our way
Rushing head-on, did we notice the man
Who’s been beat down and needs a hand
Could you be the one.

Chaos and confusion as we run through life
Then we rush back home as day turns to night
Did we talk to the woman down the hall at the end
Who lost her child, and needs afriend
Could you be the one.

Could it be you, could it be me
Could we be the ones who were meant to be
To slowly change the world, one be one
Through the love of Jesus, our Saviour, God’s Son

As a child of God you have a purpose today
Let His Spirit be your guide along the way

Somewhere there’s a child looking for a home
Somewhere there’s a mother who’s all alone
Somewhere there’s someone who needs to see
The love of Jesus in you and me
Could you be the one
© 2010 Duane Rod

One drop of rain in the mighty sea
Is like a million years to eternity
And one grain of sand in the great Sahara
Is like one year compared to forever

It’s hard to imagine with the human mind
A life no longer measured by time
No more watches or clocks to wind
No more fear of the end of the line

On and on………….and on and on
Imagine in your mind what forever will be.
Just how long is eternity.
Life without end is a mighty long time
With Jesus is where I want to live mine

This life we’re living is speeding by
From birth to death like the blink of an eye
Like a vapor, as soon as it appears
It’s suddenly gone in a few short years

This life on earth is our time to decide
Heaven or hell, we must pick a side
Heavenly Father please help me today
To lead them to You, the Truth, the Life, the Way
© 2010 Duane Rod

Talking is easy, walking can be tough
They know we’re a Christian, man we’ve said it enough
So they watch us close, like a lion they stalk
To see if we’re just talking, or walking the walk

So many words about what they should do
But what do they see as they watch me and you
Do we practice what we preach and live what we teach
Do they see us walking, or just talking

Walk the walk, don’t just talk the talk
Live what you say, live it every day
Let the light of Christ come shining through
In all that you say and all that you do

If we’re talking the talk, we gotta walk the walk
Because you see, they’re watching you and me
If we live what we say, no matter the cost
We may light the way for one who is lost

An picture of Christ is what we should be
A living example for the world to see
We are far from perfect, but through us today
God is more than able to show them the way
© 2010 Duane Rod

One day we’ll cross into what’s gonna be
We call it forever, eternity
Into a light, shining like the sun
Into the presence of the Holy One

Jesus said to His disciples, “I must go soon.
But in My Father’s mansion are many rooms.
I go to prepare a place for you,
And where I’m going, you’ll be there too.”

“Welcome home,” we’ll hear Him say.
“I’ve been waiting so long for this day.
To heal your pain and protect you from harm,
To dry your tears and hold you in My arms.”

Welcome home Welcome home
Welcome to forever with the Father and Son
Eternity together, forever as one
Welcome home Welcome home

But for today, we walk by faith
We stand on His promise and we wait
For this race to be over, to cross that line
And hear, “Welcome home, precious child of Mine.”
© 2006, 2010 Duane Rod

Praise the Lord for another day
I’m walking with Him and I gotta say
He’s the best thing that ever happened to me
And I’m gonna shine His Light for all to see

When the devil sneaks us in the dark of night
I call on Jesus…cause He is the Light
At the sound of His name demons run
He conquers darkness…He’s the Holy One

Hallelujah to the Lamb…The Great I AM
He’s watching over me and I’m safe in His hands
No matter the storm…I know He’s near
Cause He lives in me…I’ve nothing to fear

When the war is raging…I will not hide
Because of the cross…I’m on the winning side
I can’t lose cause the battles’ been won
The end of His Book says it’s over and done

I tell you the reason for this joy you see
The very Spirit of God is living in me
You can have it too if you just ask Him in
You see He died for you…hallelujah to The Lamb
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