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This song is about remembering those children who never were born, and expressing the wonder of what might have been. The precious little ones that were gone too soon. My wife and I have had more than one instance of this, and we anxiously await the day when we will see them again in heaven. We anticipate them running into our arms and it will be as if we were never separated. God, please take care of our precious little ones until the time we see them again............. (Lead guitar - Mark Wessels)
When I contemplate the earth and the universe; I just can't believe that such an awesome creation came into existence by chance, or as some say, the "big bang". It's much easier for me to believe that there is one Creator, and that He is the God that always was and always will be. If apes evolved into man; why do apes still roam the land?? You may call me narrow, or closed minded; but am I really; or does it actually take more of an "open" mind to believe in a God you can't see, and trust your life and eternity to Him. Hmmmm. Please know that I don't say this in an argumentative or "better than thou" way; I just hope that this song will make some think a little longer and deeper on the subject and search their souls for the truth.
(Lead guitar by Mark Courter)
This is a fun song, but also a true story of how I pattern my life. I'm not saying it should be the way you pattern YOUR life, or that it is the ONLY way or the RIGHT way for you.....but it's simply my way. I've found that if I start every day spending a little quiet time reading the Word of God, it gives me peace, confidence and strength to face whatever the world may come at me with. And besides, He loves for His children to spend time with Him.........don't you?? (Lead guitar by Mark Courter)
While thinking what would compare with our lives, a river came to mind since it has a beginning and an end. And as it makes its way to the sea there are calm, peaceful times and then there may be some rocky rapids and waterfalls along the way. But one thing is certain, there will be that one final bend and then it becomes part of a bigger body of water; usually the sea. We too will one day reach that final bend in life and we too will be become part of something much bigger; its called eternity and we will spend it in one of two places...........
A little celebration song about that glorious day when we all will cross over into the long hoped for eternity. I can't wait to see the awesome things that are in store for us; not that I don't enjoy this present life, but think of something 1000 times better!! The promises in the Bible are very clear; by accepting that our Saviour Jesus went to the cross and died out of His great love for us and for the forgiveness of our sins; we are guaranteed life eternal with Him. HOW GOOD IS THAT!!!!!
Many people think that when we die it's just over, there is nothing more after that. If you belive the Word of God as I do, life as we know it is just a microscopic spec of what eternity is going to be. If you listen to the spirit inside you, I trust you will hear it telling you that there is more than this, that we are eternal beings with an eternal destiny. I believe there are two choices; eternally with God (heaven) or separated from God (hell). Just how long IS eternity, and where do you intend to spend your's.........
As I've walked this christian road I've learned that I'm far from who I want to be and that I'm in no position to judge others. Though I try my best to be the "good" christian, I so often stumble and my old nature rises up like a beast, and I realize again how thankful I am for the blood of Christ that covers me. I hope that as you watch me live my life it will give you a desire to have what I've found; a new life in Christ. But I also ask you to not base your decision on whether or not to follow Christ by looking at me and what I do, because I will let you down. Christians are human and FAR from perfect, but most of us are trying our best, so I ask you to please understand this and realize that you can't base the biggest decision of your life on our example. Jesus is THE example...... look at Him, He will never let you down.
So often I've wondered what my purpose was in life, and for years I've searched for the answer. As I dedicated my life to Christ I wondered; OK, what now? I wanted to serve Him not only out of obedience and desire, but simply because I was so overwhelmed of what He had done for me. He took me right where I was and loved me and gave me eternal life, BEFORE I cleaned my act up. Then He slowly began to show me where I needed to change and He gave me the strength to do it. I think most of us are meant to touch the world one person at a time, one on one, right where they are. Not by preaching hellfire and brimstone at them, but by loving them just as they are; not by judging them but by accepting them and letting them know there IS another way. COULD IT BE YOU...... COULD IT BE ME?
The Bible talks about how in the last days prior to the return of Christ, people will be more concerned about pleasure and things of the world than about the ways of God. It says that it will be as in the days of Noah, when all the people were basically having one big party and had forgotten all about God; with the exception of Noah and his family. We are fast approaching these days again and this song is a "wake up" call for Christians to open our eyes and see what is going on around us and be aware of the souls that are perishing before our eyes. Who will show them what they are searching for if we don't.........
I'm just as guilty as anyone, probably more than most. We tend to talk a big Christian talk but don't put forth much effort in our walk, and the people that hear us preach are also watching how we live our life. God help us to be what they need to see, so that maybe we can help someone find hope in this dying world.
Basically a song with lyrics that tell of that day when Jesus will return to gather His own, those that have accepted Him and not rejected Him. This will be a glorious day and one to look forward anxiously; if you are His. This is just how the bible says it's going to be folks, it's not my opinion or something I made up; I only hope that you will seriously consider it and search your heart and soul and see where your spirit leads you. There is no middle ground, you are either for Him or against Him; please choose eternity with Him..... not the "other" place. Don't put it off, since you don't know when your last day will be; none of us know if we will even make it through the next hour. Please be ready, because "there's coming a day"...........
It's a joy that is indescribable when you have the very Spirit of God living inside you. Knowing that He's in control and watching over you every minute of every day is a security that is unmatched by anything this world can offer. Man can kill your body in this unperfect world we live in, but no one can touch your spirit if you are God's child. Our destiny is secure in the blood of Christ; and all you have to do to receive it is acknowledge Him and accept Him into your life. WOW, how easy can it get!!! Hallelujah to the Lamb!!!!!!!
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