"Grain by Grain" CD
Song Lyrics 
GRAIN BY GRAIN ©2008 Duane Rod

The sands are flowing through the hourglass of time
Grain by grain, your life and mine
We’re in the last days, the time is near
You may have an hour, a day, a year

Are you wasting the time on pleasures of the world
Rejecting the King, Jesus the Lord
Just as He left, He said He will return
To gather His own, and the rest will burn

Grain by grain, a second at a time
When the last one’s gone, we’ll cross that line
To our final destination, forever to dwell
Will your’s be heaven or the fires of hell

Little by little time passes by
And many will chose to believe the lie
That there’s always tomorrow, so in sin they stay
But what if tomorrow is judgment day

Jesus is knocking, why do you wait
Open the door before it’s too late
Don’t let your hour glass run out of sand
Reach out today and take His hand
THE BATTLE ©2008 Duane Rod

Waking up wondering what the day will hold
Searching for answers, looking for clues
Wondering if I’ll see the sun go down
Will I be on a high, or fighting the blues

Another morning meeting to plan the day
They all want to know what I’m gonna say
Questions all around, fingers pointing at me
I feel like I’m in prison, but they say I’m free

Ever changing re-arranging.
Spinning around on shifting ground
Holding on to sanity. Looking for reality
But when it’s said and done, I’ll be the one
Who shouts in victory “The battle I won”

Doing my best, though I never win
Deadlines to meet, another mountain to climb
The demons see my weakness, confusion sets in
I’m clinging to hope, hanging on to my mind

Lord if I wake in the morning again
Remember I’m Your’s and forgive my sin
No matter what the world may do or say
With You by my side, victory’s mine today
GIVING IT UP © 2008 Duane Rod

There was a time I walked alone
Trying to survive and make it on my own
A slave to the world, a slave to sin
Now I’m giving it up, and living for Him

Life is given by God, as a gift it’s free
To live as I choose, for Him or me
Living for myself is empty and cold
So I’m giving it up for a crown of gold

You gotta give it up, you gotta turn it over to Christ
Why don’t you let your life be a sacrifice
You gotta lay it all down, you gotta put it on the line
Why don’t you take a little trip on some heavenly wine

Turning it loose, letting it go
Saying yes to Christ, telling satan no
In submission to the King I’m giving it up
I’m drinking new wine from a heavenly cup

Many are searching, for what they don’t know
There’s a deep dark hole way down in their soul
New life in Christ is the only way
Give your life to Him, give it up today
BEAUTIFUL GRACE © 2008 Duane Rod

Can we receive what we cannot see
Something for nothing, something for free
It has no wrapping, ribbons or lace
It’s a gift from God, beautiful grace

It’s not deserved, or something we earn
And it’s in His Word where we learn
If we humble ourselves and seek His face
By faith we receive His beautiful grace

Beautiful grace Wonderful grace
Through His Word we believe
By faith we receive
Marvelous, wonderful, beautiful grace

As it’s written, let it be known
By grace we’re saved, and grace alone
Not by works or anything of our own
Only by grace, beautiful grace

Born in sin, no matter how we try
Without a Savior, we’re destined to die
But God sent His Son to die in our place
The picture of love, beautiful grace
GLORIOUS DAY ©2008 Duane Rod

One day long ago up on a hill
The soldiers led a rebel on a cross to kill
The devil rejoiced, but little did he know
In death was victory, death’s final blow

Crucified and buried, in a tomb He lay
The sun was setting on that horrible day
Guards stood watch in front of the stone
For fear He would be taken if left alone

But on the third day light burst from the tomb
Like brand new life from a mother’s womb
The grave couldn’t hold Him, the stone rolled away
Jesus is alive………..glorious day

Glorious day………….Glorious day
The day the stone was rolled away
Death was defeated, He paved the way
Jesus is risen………Glorious day

He led the apostles to a hilltop there
And the angels said “Why do you stare?”
As into the clouds He began to ascend
They said as He left, He’s coming back again
I SURRENDER ©2008 Duane Rod

I surrender I surrender
In submission to You, I give up my desires
And You purify me by Your refining fire
In sweet surrender I lay down my life
Consume me Lord, take this sacrifice

I surrender I surrender
I ask You Father in the name of Your Son
Not mine Lord, but Your will be done
My selfish will is empty and hollow
So I give it to You, and Your’s I will follow

You gave us Your Son, the sacrificial Lamb
Now I give back all that I am
Take me, make me what You want me to be
I surrender to You, because You died for me

I surrender I surrender
Precious Jesus I ask that You take me now
And give me new life as before You I bow
I surrender my sin, my guilt and shame
And I receive You in my heart, in Jesus’ Name
THE FIRE OF DESIRE ©2008 Duane Rod

Consume me body, heart and soul
Turn my ashes into blazing coal
You are my all, my everything
My life a sacrifice to You I bring

I want to burn with passion for my King
A song of desire for You I’ll sing
May others feel the fire as these words are said
May it burn into their heart, may their spirit be fed

Father fill me with the fire
The fire of desire
A raging flame of love brand new
Fan the embers into fire for You

It’s our decision what passion we choose
One way we win, the other we lose
Make His word the fuel for your flame
Let His Spirit be your guide, His will your aim

The desires of many are earthly things
No thought for tomorrow or what it will bring
Break our hearts, our hearts of stone
Cause them to burn for You alone

Just a little boy at the tender age of three
There’s not much I remember, too young I guess
Eyes wide open discovering new things
But never too far from mama’s apron strings

Memories of dad are distant and far
His shotgun, his boots, and his old black car
To this little boy he was ten feet high
A hero for sure in my eyes

It seems like a dream of a lifetime past
Memories fade, but some of them last
Somehow certain things stick in your mind
No matter the years, no matter the time

There’s another day, I’ll never forget
The day they told us dad was gone
There was a head-on, a fatal wreck
Dad and his friend, weren’t coming home

Lord there’s times we won’t understand
we just gotta trust that it’s in Your hand
No matter the hurt, no matter the pain
The sun will shine again, after the rain

I didn’t understand at the tender age of three
But God now I know, now I see……..that
(back to chorus)

The chimes of time are ringing loud and clear
Eleven have sounded, midnight is near
When the last one sounds, a new day begins
Will you reign with Christ, or be lost in sin

His Word is our warning of that final day
His Spirit is our guide along the way
As the days disappear into the night
Keep the faith, and fight the good fight

Hang on child, don’t give in
Walk in the light, not in sin
According to the signs, the time is near
At the midnight chime, our King will appear

As Matthew wrote in Chapter twenty five
Keep your lamp full, keep your fire alive
Be filled with His Spirit, and burning bright
Have a lamp full of oil at the stroke of midnight

The Bible says we must be born again
And let the blood of Christ cleanse our sin
Don’t hesitate, don’t run out of time
Be ready when you hear, the midnight chime
WALKING in the SHADOW ©2008 Duane Rod

Walking in the shadow of my Lord and King
The Way, the Truth, the Life, He’s everything
When I’m in the valley and I can’t see
If He’s in the lead, I’m where I should be

I followed the world for many years
On a roller coaster ride of doubt and fear
Thinking the answer was riches and wealth
I was walking in the shadow of the devil himself

Walking in the shadow of the mighty King
Hidden from harm under His wing
Under the guard of His staff and rod
I’m walking in the shadow, the shadow of God

Then one day Jesus spoke to my heart
I knew deep down, I had a new start
He would lead the way and I would follow
Safe and secure, walking in His shadow

He’s leading me toward the eternal light
The Kingdom of heaven where there’s no night
It’s all about Him and not about me
Walking in the shadow, is where I’ll be
WHY NOT JESUS ©2008 Duane Rod

You’ve done it all on your own
You did it yourself, you did it alone
You built your mansion high on a hill
But there’s a hole in your soul nothing can fill……Why not Jesus, why not Jesus

In the eyes of the world you’re a big success
You made it to the top, you passed the test
You knocked those down who stood in your way
Now you feel more alone day be day………Why not Jesus, why not Jesus

Why not Jesus………..Why not Jesus
The One who gave all He could give
The One who died so that we could live
Why not Jesus………..Why not Jesus

You’ve done the drugs to escape your mind
You followed the devil and drank His wine
In the morning again through blood shot eyes
You see that it’s all just a temporary high………Why not Jesus, why not Jesus

When you think you can’t face another day
That you’ve tried it all and there’s just no way
When you’ve given up on life and you can’t go on
Cry out to God, and receive His Son……….Why not Jesus, why not Jesus
SING HALLELUJAH © 2008 Duane Rod

When I rise in the morning I will sing
Sing a song of praise to our God and King
Like the songbirds praise from the trees above
I’ll sing hallelujah to my God….my love

Take a look around at His mighty creation
All you people…every tongue…tribe and nation
Listen very close and you can hear
Even nature singing praise…loud and clear

Sing hallelujah…..hallelujah
Sing hallelujah to the Son of Man
Sing hallelujah to the Great I AM
Sing hallelujah…sing hallelujah
Sing hallelujah…………sing hallelujah

What is our life from birth to death
It’s only a whisper…one short breath
So live it for His glory…to make Him known
Let your life be a song…sung for Him alone

I pray that when I pass from life to death
They’ll hear me singing with my last breath
Singing hallelujah to the Precious Lamb
The one and only God…..the Great I AM
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