SHOUT TO THE KING ©2006 Duane Rod

He deserves much more than we can give
So we give Him our life, for Him we live
By the power of His Spirit living inside
We can change the world, we can turn the tide

Shout to the King Shout with praise
To Him be the glory To Him our hands we raise

The Spirit is willing but the flesh is weak
As we walk in faith, His strength we seek
To overcome evil and fight for the lost
To lead them to Him, no matter the cost

We lay down our life Receive our sacrifice
To You our King We offer everything

You alone are worthy, You alone are God
You desire love, and the souls of the lost
Help us we pray as we seek them out
May You receive the glory, hear us as we shout
BEST FRIENDS ©2006 Duane Rod

I heard the stories of their younger days
Of laughter and tears along the way
Life was a struggle but they had each other
Best friends for life, daughter and mother

There was no money for swings and slides
But if mama had a quarter, they’d go for a ride
They took the city bus for a trip downtown
What a time they had, just riding around

They were a pair, friends for life
Through good times and bad, joy and strife
Only one stronger love will we ever see
The one Jesus has for you and me

As the years disappeared into the past
The day had arrived much too fast
They stood together, hand in hand
It was her last ride, her last stand

They were alone when the time arrived
She was hanging on to the daughter by her side
She said “Mom its OK, take Jesus by the hand”
And He took her with Him to the Promised Land
LIVING THE LIFE ©2006 Duane Rod

Going through the motions, spending our time
In church every Sunday, bible study at nine
Wednesday night service, it’s all real nice
But it don’t mean a thing unless you’re living the life

It’s not our words, it’s example they believe
We gotta walk the walk, so they can see
We have to be willing to pay the price
Whatever it costs, we gotta live the life

Words alone are not all they need
They’re looking for Jesus in you and me
Nail your life to the cross as a sacrifice
And by His power, start living the life

Lending a hand when someone’s down
May put a smile where there was a frown
Stopping to hear as they pour out their heart
Could open the door to a brand new start

When they look at you, what do they see
Are you someone that they would want to be
It could be as they watched day and night
You saved a soul from hell, by living the life

Father forgive us as we cry out as one
We as a nation have come undone
We were built on Your Word…way back then
The Bible was the law…the law of the land

They once taught about You…in the local school
You stood for everything right…the golden rule
All they teach them now is how to get ahead and win
But they took You out…and let the devil in

Father forgive us for what we’ve done
With our face to the ground…in the name of Your Son
We’re crying out to You to cleanse this land
And cause us to stand…for You again

They’ve thrown out Your word…the only solution
Now all they have is theory…big bang…evolution
Father forgive us for leading them astray
And not teaching of You…the Truth and Life…the Way

We pray for those who have rejected You
Father forgive them…they know not what they do
Everywhere we turn there’s corruption and sin
God we fall on our knees…and cry out again
DON’T CRY FOR ME ©2007 Duane Rod

When the day comes and I’m facing forever
Let’s talk about the times we had together
Let’s talk about Jesus and how He set us free
Another thing I ask, don’t cry for me

You see I had it all, He gave no less
You see I had you, God gave me the best
So if tears should fall, with me agree
They’ll be tears of joy, don’t cry for me

Don’t cry for me Don’t cry for me
I’m looking in the face of Jesus you see
Finally free Free for eternity
Forever together one day we’ll be
But ‘till then, don’t cry for me

You stuck by me through thick and thin
We learned together to trust in Him
When the sea raged and the winds blew
The two I could trust were Jesus and you

Our love is stronger than sister and brother
He’s the only one we love more than each other
So when I go forever with Him to be
Shout for joy, don’t cry for me
SIGNS ©2006 Duane Rod

The winds are blowing, the time is near
Jesus will return, the message is clear
The storm of His wrath is close at hand
Soon it will arrive to cleanse this land

It says in His word to watch for the signs
For wars and famine, disease of all kinds
As when the spring arrives and leaves appear
When you see these things, know the time is near

With a burst of glory in the eastern sky
Jesus will appear and His children will cry
Hallelujah hallelujah
No more tears or burdens to bear
He’ll take them up to meet Him in the air
Hallelujah hallelujah

The prophets told stories of things to come
Kingdoms have appeared and come undone
They told of a Savior to be born in Bethlehem
He was born and died, then He rose again

God provided the way through His precious Son
So we could be with Him forever as one
Feed on His word and read between the lines
Open your eyes and see the signs
LAY DOWN ©2006 Duane Rod

Lay down children at the feet of Your King
Hell is defeated; death has lost its sting
Lay down in worship and to Him bow
The day of salvation, the day is now

Lay down fame, fortune and gold
Eternal life is given, not bought or sold
The blood of Jesus has paid the price
Lay down your pride, and give Him your life

Lay down…………… children lay down
At the foot of Your throne Lord we fall
You offered Your life, You gave it all
Take ours now as we lay them before You
As we lay them down…… lay down

The decision is ours to stand on our own
Or let Your Spirit be our guide, Your Spirit alone
For us from the Cross, blood flowed to the ground
At the foot of Your Cross, we lay down
HE’S CALLING US OUT ©2006 Duane Rod

Like a gentle wind blowing through the trees
Is the voice of His Spirit in you and me
Speaking to our heart…drawing us near
Calling us to follow and not to fear

He’s calling us out…into the deep
Down the narrow road…rocky and steep
Calling us out into the midst of the storm
He knows that’s where faith and trust take form

Can you hear……………….
Hear Him calling……………….
Calling out to us from the raging sea
Saying step out of the boat on the water with Me

He’s calling us out of our comfort zone
Wanting us to trust in Him alone
To die to ourselves and seek His will
To take up our cross….His mission fulfill

He’s calling you now….be still and know
He won’t let you sink…He won’t let you go
He’s calling you out into the storm and wind
Step out of the boat and trust in Him
 ©2006 Duane Rod

Have you ever thought you could be the man
Standing on the corner holding out his hand
Or the homeless one….living on the street
Hopeless and confused….broken and beat

Have you ever thought that you could be
The one in the crowd that no one can see
Lost and alone… hope left inside
Thinking no one cares if you live or die

Have you ever thought as you look around
Is there hope for the lost…can they be found
If you look through the eyes of Jesus you’ll see
There’s hope for everyone….look at you and me

Have you ever thought you could be the one
Looking down the barrel of your own gun
Thinking you can’t…face another day
No reason to live….you’ve lost your way

Have you ever wondered how it came to be
Why it’s them….and not you and me
But I know as I pray with a tear in my eye
But for the grace of God……there go I
THIS SONG’S FOR YOU ©2006 Duane Rod

This song’s for you….He wants you to know
He’s always there wherever you go
Though He’s not seen…or held by the hand
Though you can’t see the footprints in the sand

He was there…when that loved one died
With a tear in His eye…standing by your side
Holding you up when you wanted to fall
Giving you hope…when you had none at all

This song’s for you….listen and hear
He never leaves….He’s always near
No matter what it is you’re going through
He wants you to know….He’s there with you

When the war was over and the fighting was done
They all came home….daughters and sons
But you had a visit and they handed you a note
Then He held you up as you read what they wrote

No matter the battle….no matter the trial
When you don’t have the strength for the next mile
Take comfort in knowing you’re not the only one
God felt it too…..when He gave His Son
© 2007 Duane Rod

Lost and running with a blank stare
Running in circles, going nowhere
Searching for truth, looking for meaning
Just looking for something they can believe in

Everywhere we look we see their faces
Eyes without hope, just empty spaces
Lost and running, down the wide road
With their burden of sin, a heavy load

Help us Lord…………to come together as one
To be the beacon that guides them home
Make us a light………….that chases away
The darkness of night and shows the way

Lost and running, looking for home
Lost and lonely, feeling alone
Running to the devil and winning the race
Not knowing mercy, unaware of grace

Lost and running without reason
Going through life, season to season
Living to please their own desire
Headed for forever in the devil’s fire
READY TO FLY ©2006 Duane Rod

Living my life and loving every day
Watching the time as it fades away
With joy in my heart, on a natural high
Saved by grace, I’m ready to fly

Ready to fly………….fly………… high
Into the light in the eastern sky
Into the arms of Jesus, I’m ready to fly

As a child of God, death is not in vain
For to live is Christ, to die is gain
I’m living for Him as long as I’m alive
But when I die, I’m ready to fly

I’m gonna rise………..rise……………..rise
Up into the air into the deep blue sky
Into the arms of Jesus, I’m ready to fly

The flight’s arriving from the eastern sky
Your ticket is bought, but the price was high
It cost Him His life, He had to die
Have you received your ticket, are you ready to fly
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