Song Info "Grain by Grain"
2007 Duane Rod
By grace we are saved through faith. Can you believe what you cannot see? Can you accept a gift that you cannot touch and hold? Can you receive His grace? Lead guitar - James Griffiths
2008 Duane Rod
There was a time in my life when I was "doing it on my own" and thought I was a pretty good old boy. Then I took a real good look at myself and found out there was a better way, and discovered what real life is. (James Griffiths on lead guitar.)
2007 Duane Rod Just like grains of sand in an hourglass, each one of our days are numbered. Yesterday is gone and there is no guarantee of tomorrow. The well known statements, "There's always tomorrow" and "Tomorrow's another day", are not necessarily true for all of us. Have you seriously thought about eternity and where you will spend it? It's easy to believe in nothing, but what if it's not just a fairytale; what if there really IS a heaven and a hell........
(James Griffiths on lead guitar)
2008 Duane Rod
I lost my dad due to a bad car accident when I was very, very young and this song is just kind of a tribute to him and what I remember about him.
(Larry Hansen on lead guitar)
2008 Duane Rod
This song came to me while thinking about the fast pace of life in today's world. The demands of a job, home and family and how everything is always in constant motion, never slowing down. When it gets really overwhelming sometimes, I have to just stop and remember who I am as a child of the Father, and that when it's all over.........the victory will be mine. Not because of my own accomplishments, good works, awards or abilities; but because of what has been done for us on the cross of calvary. Thank God I'm not depending on myself for salvation, but in the shed blood of our risen Savior; and that in the end I'll shout in victory, "the battle I won"! (Lead Guitar by Mark Courter)

2007 Duane Rod There is a sense of urgency in the present time, something telling us the world as we know it won't go on forever. Look around at the state of the world, terrorism, starvation, plauges; the Bible says all of these things will happen before the end, the day of His return. We are people with a body, soul and spirit; and the Spirit of Christ is witnessing to our spirit to come to Him before it's too late. Please don't let the clock strike midnight before you call on Him to come into your life........and recieve eternal life. I can tell you from experience that it will be the single most important decision you will ever make in your entire life; and the best decision. (Larry Hansen on lead guitar and keys.)

2007 Duane Rod You hear so many stories on the news about movie stars, millionaires, rock stars, etc. that seem to have all anyone could want.........and they take their own life out of pure misery or overdose while trying to escape reality. But out of ignorance or just being plain stubborn, they refuse give it up to the One who can deliver them........Jesus. I know, I've tried all that other stuff, but there ain't no high like Jesus; and the best part is that you wake up with it and go to bed with's never ending. Have you tried it all....why not Jesus? ( Lead Guitar by James Griffiths)

2006 Registration # SRu638-237 Duane Rod We are so quickly, and easily, caught up in the passions and pleasures of this world. Not that we aren't supposed to enjoy this beautiful earth our God has given us; but we are to worship the Creator, not His creation. This song is basically a prayer that God would continuously kindle my desire for Him into a raging fire; a fire of desire. (Lead guitar - James Griffiths)

2008 Duane Rod A song about the darkness of the day of the crucifixion of Jesus and how it turned into a glorious victory over death and the grave when He rose back to life on the third day. He defeated death and the devil by sacrificing His life for us, and guaranteed us a way to eternal life with Him through His glorious resurrection and accension back to heaven. The gift is free.......but you have to accept it and receive it; believe me, you won't regret it. You will truly be "born again" and you will truly have a "new life". It's as simple as asking Him to come into your life..........that's it! Lead guitar - Dave Logan

2006 Duane Rod The world teaches us to be the front man, the one in the lead.....the ruler; but the world will lie to you, wear you down and lead you straight to hell. We are either going to walk in the shadow of the devil or in the shadow of God, there is no in-between. I've walked in the shadow of evil and believe me when I say, the shadow of God is where you want to be. That is where there is freedom from fear, worry and the need to "get ahead of the other guy". Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with bettering yourself, but with God you can be happy where you're at today, and leave the rest to your Father, the creator of heaven and earth. This is truly the peace that passes all understanding. I encourage you to walk in the shadow of the King, not the shadow of death and won't be sorry.

When I truly began to seek His kingdom first, and to seek a personal relationship with Him through prayer and meditation on His word; I realized there was no way I could ever re-pay what He had done for me. He had given His life so that I could have new life here on this earth, and eternal life with Him. When it really gets down deep into your spirit and soul that you are known by Him and that He cares for you, there is a freedom and a peace that cannot be described in any language; it is truly "new life". It's like your eyes are opened to see eternity, and it's your's to spend with Him forever; no matter what you've done. There is release from this world and it's pain and you realize that you are not alone, but that there is a God, your heavenly Father, who is with you every step of the way and who will NEVER leave you or cast you away. It's when you realize these things that you will want to surrender your life to Him, and so much more. But thank God that His love for me is not dependant on what I can give back to Him...........because all He really me and you. Praise Him. Put your trust today in the One who gave His life for you......Jesus.

I wanted to write a song that just expressed praise to our God for what He has given us. This beautiful earth He has created for us to live our short lives as humans on. Nature is His signature; nature cries out that there IS a creator and He is the "Great I Am"!! Think about that name, not the "Great I was" or "the Great I will be", but "the Great I Am". Imagine.......the One who always was, is now and always will be.......WOW!! There is no beginning or end to God.....He always was. This is too much for our present minds to comprehend, but one day we will understand and realize the now unimaginable greatness of God! What else can we do but "SING HALLELUJAH"!! (Dave Logan - Lead Guitar)

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