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Copyright 2006 Registration#SRu638-237 Duane Rod
I wanted to write a song for my wife and I thought one about her relationship with her mother and best friend would be something really special to her. Their life was a struggle but they always had each other; and when her mother left this world, it was just the two of them together for a very special goodbye.
(Mastered by Jam'z OR Audio Services)
2007 Duane Rod
I wanted to say that I've really been blessed in what God has given me and with the life I've had. When I get to that final day; and we all will; don't cry for me cause I know where I'm going and it's 10 times better than where I've been. I'll be looking at my Creator face to face and what a glorious day that's gonna be. (Lead Guitar - Larry Hansen)
Copyright 2006 Registration#SRu613-292 Duane Rod
This song originated from our history as a nation and how we've managed to let them ban God and His Word from the schools and so many other things. It's about what we taught then, and what we teach now. It's about falling on our knees and begging forgiveness for what we've done in relation to our Creator. Father, forgive us for what we've done. (Lead guitar - James Griffiths)
Copyright 2006 Registration#SRu619-320 Duane Rod
This song kind of originated from watching Cops on TV and just thinking how easy it would have been for me to be in the same position many of the people are in on that show. I've been there and done all of that, and but for the grace of God.......there go I. (Lead guitar - Larry Hansen)
Copyright 2006 Registration#SRU000619320 Duane Rod
Walking with God isn't always a bed of roses, but it's when we step out of the boat into the raging sea that we come face to face with Him. He'll allow us to go through storms, but never let us be blown away by them. It's in these storms where we learn to trust in Him and lean on Him; and experience a love like we've never known..............the love of a Father. Are you ready for a walk on the water? (Mastered by Jam'z OR Audio Services)

Copyright 2006 Registration#SRu638-237 Duane Rod
A song about remembering what God has done for us, where our priorities are and the awesome priviledge we have of returning back what He's given to
Lead Guitar: James Griffiths Backup vocals: Heinz Karnitschar
2006 Registration # SRu638-237 Duane Rod
I see so many people going through the motions of church; but then out in the world they don't act any different than everybody else. That ain't Christianity folks; that's church. Sure, nobody is perfect and we all mess up now and then; but if we're not going to at least try to walk the walk; then we shouldn't wear the label "Christian". Maybe just wear a label that says "Church Attendee". People are looking for any excuse they can find not to try Christianity today........don't be one of their excuses. (Mastered by Jam'z OR Audio Services)
2007 Duane Rod If you look around and watch the different people running from Point A to Point B with anxious looks on their faces, it makes you wonder what they're after. Is it success, is it the next promotion, is it to meet a deadline..............or are they basically searching for peace and fulfillment. I see so many looking to the things of the world to bring them satisfaction and joy, and it's all good for a temporary high, but ultimately you'll come crashing down. There is peace and joy available 24-7, even in your darkest hour; it's in Christ Jesus. I can tell you from experience; I've been on the other side.......and it was hell. My greatest desire and most intense prayer is that I can be a part in leading some of those who are searching for this joy into the light, the peace that passes ALL understanding; a new and everlasting life in Christ. (Lead guitar - James Griffiths)
Copyright 2006 Duane Rod I wrote this song while waiting to catch a flight at the airport, looking out the window watching the flights come in and leave. It was a beautiful crystal clear blue sky and I was just imagining if Jesus was to come back at that moment, would I be ready to board the plane to my eternal home; and I thanked God that through the Cross my ticket has already been purchased by the blood of Christ. And to think that all I had to do was receive it. Are you ready to fly? (Mastered by Jam'z OR Audio Services)
2006 Registration # SRu638-237 Our Creator deserves so much more than we could ever offer Him........yet all He wants is our love. I just wanted to write a song about shouting praise to the only one who deserves it; God the Father, the Almighty King. (Lead Guitar - Larry Hansen) Mastered by Jam'z OR Audio Services
2006 Registration # SRu638-237 Duane Rod
Just a simple little song about the eventual return of Jesus, the Son of God; and how the Bible tells us that just as when you see the signs of new growth you know spring is near; there will also be signs which lead to His return. The Bible says when you see an increase in wars & famine, diseases, son against father, daughter against mother; then you know that time of the end is near. Some will say it's always been that way...I don't know...look around. (Mastered by Jam'z OR Audio Services)
Copyright 2006 Registration#SRU000619320 Duane Rod I wanted to write a song that would maybe comfort someone who had lost a loved one or is maybe just a little down on their luck. Hopefully this song will remind them that God hasn't left, but He's right there beside you, holding you up and giving you the strength to make it through whatever it is you're going through. (Larry Hansen - acoustic lead guitar)
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