What I Do
My Faith
The Music
I was born in El Campo, Texas on August 10, 1957. That would make me about 57 years old, depending on when you're reading this. It's a little town about 70 miles south of Houston. People around there are mainly farmers and business owners, and basically real nice down-home folks. My Dad died in a car accident when I was just a little boy, and from then on Mom had a tough time finding a good man; but she picked a good one on the third try!! He was a really good step-father and took good care of Mom, until he died of cancer in 12/08.
In August of 1977 I married a wonderful woman and my best friend, Dolly. She has been absolutely the biggest blessing I've ever know in my life; outside of my Saviour Jesus. We adopted a son, but that story doesn't have a very happy ending so I won't go into that. We could never have children, but we've got a few waiting for us in Heaven......and I know they're being well taken care of. She has stood by me through the good and bad and has always been there to encourage me and convince me that I "could do it", whatever it was. We currently have a little "four legged" daughter named Bitsy.
I've been up and down in my walk with God, but a few years ago I finally submitted my life to Him and am now doing my best to live for Him and not for me. At that point life really began for me and has never been the same since. I believe Jesus is the only Son of God who was sent to be the final sacrifice for the sins of the world.....and that means you and me. I believe we are saved by grace, through faith, from eternal separation from God....or what some call Hell. I believe that after accepting Jesus as my Saviour, His Spirit now lives in me and guides me through life and gives me strength. I belive that one day He will come again to recieve His children to be with Him for eternity. Please don't be offended by my beliefs, I love you as you are but I feel I must tell you what I believe, and I am sure God is more than able to take care of the rest, without me interfering.
I worked mainly on the farms when I was young and later got into oil field welding, and later into nuclear plants, chemical and oil refineries. I am currently a piping and mechanical equipment inspector at a local oil refinery in Corpus Christi, Texas.
I've always loved to sing every since I was little boy, but didn't even think about getting serious about it until God impressed upon my heart to begin a music ministry. It's been a long road that started by singing in church, nursing homes, etc. to music tracks. I eventually taught myself to play the guitar and later started to write my own songs. Recently I got into using computer music software and am now recording the songs you hear on this website with it. The lead guitar parts on the first two CDs and part of the third are played by my friends from the music forums and I use drum loops, but all the rest is me. I do all of the lead guitar on my fourth and later albums. I write and sing from my heart and want to encourage people by the messages in the music. My greatest desire is that through these songs, someone would grow closer to God and realize that He is real and not just a character in a story. My prayer is that many would be led to seek Him and grow to love Him through the words and melodies of this music.
The Road to Salvation